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About The Artist

The driving force behind this unique electronic music project is composer/showman David James Sweet. Mr.Sweet is originally from the Central New York area and is currently residing in the Southern Tier of NY State. David has formed a private home based studio, "Electronic Music Research Laboratories", that explores new concepts in sound and performance.

In 1980, David tragically lost 4 fingers on his right hand in an industrial accident. Many musicians would have considered this to be the end of a career, but David's continued determination to create music and deep desire to perform prevailed. For the past 35 years, Dave has been writing electronic music and experimenting with new sounds.

The music is simplicity itself. David uses modified free form modes to articulate his musical ideas, as well as standard expressions. Experimentally, sounds are generated and used to punctuate the music or are realized as unique new voices.

David's music is unique, and original compositions are inventive, yet simple. Absent mentors include: Jean Michel Jarre, Larry Fast (Synergy), Kitaro, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, as well as many other electronic music veterans. David's blending of digital and analog sounds make Dave's music a truely unique listening experience.

Creativity, David draws from areas such as deep space exploration, space art, and a hands-on approach to the physical and technical sciences. Pure sound plus pure power, combined with a sensational stage presentation, showcases the music as well as the musician. Combining these concepts into the realm of the mystical atmosphere of New Age and Space Rock makes the music a unique experience, where musical reality and fantasy are one.

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The latest CD offering from David James Sweet-- "Music For Meditation, Relaxation, and Massage" Includes several previously unreleased tracks, as well as Celestial favourites from CD's past. Available directly from EMRL- Send us an E-Mail for details.

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A 2004 Indie Re-Release

Pioneer 7

The First CD from David Sweet

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The Album "MUSIK ELEKTRONEN" Get Your CD Copy Today at CD Baby!

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This is the second CD from David Sweet, produced in his private home studio.

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"Then & Now" is a retrospect of very early material to recent unreleased media from the vault.
Steeped in vintage analog, this work is a wonderful manageri of many styles and unique ideas from the mind of David James Sweet.

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